Michelle Evans - Slow Pig

I’m Michelle Evans from Pembrokeshire, and I run Slow Pig, a hot food van serving up slow roast pork, handmade burgers, chorizo, and our custom frankfurters at food and music festivals, weddings and events across Wales.

My husband and I set up Slow Pig in 2014 after buying and renovating a 1978 Citroen H van. I have always been keen to have my own food business and it seemed like a natural move for us.

We started keeping pigs as a hobby before deciding to go into rearing pigs to supply local farmers markets. We now keep around 50 pigs at our farm near Cosheston, where they are free to roam outdoors in pasture, and Beech woodland.

We raise mainly Saddleback and Magalitza breeds; the latter are a rare, curly-coated Hungarian breed known for their high fat content – making them particularly suited to Charcuterie.

The fact our pigs are Welsh, reared in small herds and are free-range means they have the best standard of living. Slow Pig customers care about food provenance, and though this comes at cost, they don’t mind paying a little extra for a premium product.

The connection between the farm and the van means that we use the whole of the pig, meaning we get to try out lots of interesting dishes and nothing is wasted. We make all sorts of things - from beautiful slow braised pigs’ cheeks to the Welsh favourite, homemade faggots.

Our trademark dish is the Crispy Pig Burger, slow-roasted pulled pork, shaped into a patty, then coated in a panko crumb, deep fried and served with an apple slaw.