Did you know?

  • Welsh farmers are blessed with experience handed down over many generations.
  • Our pork is steeped in the tradition, knowledge and expertise needed to ensure a great tasting, quality product.
  • Pigs reared in Wales are generally kept in smaller herds, creating a happier environment for the animals.
  • We raise a variety of lesser known and rare breeds here in Wales; from the Mangalista to the Oxford Sandy & Black, along with our very own native Welsh pedigree.
  • Pigs are often reared for longer, allowing them to mature until they're just right.
  • The climate and landscape in Wales provides a natural environment to produce quality pork.
  • Welsh farmers often adapt their farming methods according to the time of year, giving their pigs the exact care that they need in every season.
  • Even before cooking, the difference in quality is clear. Pork from Wales often has a darker colour to its skin and a pinker, rose-coloured flesh.
  • Our more traditional, Welsh farms often have shorter supply chains. This helps support local businesses, and is better for the environment.
  • Despite being steeped in tradition, we’re not afraid of innovation. Here in Wales you can try anything from charcuterie to artisan salami - all made with pork from Wales.