Pure Severn Provisions Ltd. Producer

Sourcing from reputable producers our sole aim is to supply and promote quality products.

Your business is our concern so you can rest assured we will work with you to ensure your customers get satisfaction every time.

We are able to offer a wide range of fresh meat products, from poultry to beef, lamb and pork.

Why not try our bacon, sliced at our premises it means we can supply to your specific requirements. We are now working on our own cured bacon, using Welsh pork, cured in Wales , mild cure, sweet cure and a few others that are being developed.

Welsh mild cure bacon (dry cure); Welsh sweet cure bacon (dry cure); Rare Breed Gloucester Old Spot bacon, gammons and ham; Wiltshire dry cure bacon; Dutch bacon; gammons; Pork; Beef; Lamb; Poultry.

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Pure Severn Provisions Ltd., Unit 20, Leeway Industrial Estate, Newport, NP19 4SL